Study Warns of Human Foods Contributing to Pet Obesity Epidemic

by Lisa

Many dog owners routinely share their meals with their furry companions, but new research suggests that this habit could be contributing to pet obesity. The study identifies certain human foods, such as grilled salmon and scrambled eggs, that may be causing pets to pack on extra pounds.

Lisa Melvin, a spokesperson for Pet Range, emphasizes the calorie density of human food for pets, particularly smaller breeds like pugs and labradors, which are more prone to obesity. She notes that even seemingly small portions of food can significantly exceed a dog’s recommended daily calorie intake.


In the UK, there’s a concerning trend of overweight dogs, with one in 14 pups being classified as overweight by their vets each year. The study by Pet Range underscores the potential impact of owners treating their pets to human foods without understanding the implications for their diet.


The research by Pet Range examined the recommended daily calorie intake for dogs of various sizes. For example, extra small dogs like Chihuahuas require just 247 calories per day, while extra extra large dogs like Rottweilers need 1,701 calories.


Analyzing popular human leftovers or treats for dogs, the study found that seemingly harmless portions of bacon, sausages, and roast chicken could significantly contribute to a dog’s daily calorie intake. Even foods like scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese, often considered as occasional treats, can have a notable impact on a dog’s calorie consumption.


Melvin stresses the importance of recognizing the health implications of pet obesity, including effects on bone and heart health, as well as overall wellbeing. If owners notice their dogs gaining excess weight, Melvin advises seeking professional guidance from a veterinarian to develop a tailored weight loss plan.

She recommends ensuring pets have balanced, filling meals in moderation to promote healthy weight loss. Every dog’s nutritional needs vary, so consulting with a vet before making significant dietary changes is essential, whether the pet is a puppy or fully grown.

In conclusion, while treating dogs to human foods may seem harmless, it’s crucial for owners to be aware of the potential impact on their pet’s health and take proactive steps to maintain a healthy weight.


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