Bradford Council Considers Extension of Dog Control Order Amid Rising Complaints

by Lisa

Bradford Council is deliberating over the extension of a dog control order following a surge in complaints reported to the city’s dog control team. Last year, the council received a total of 322 complaints, marking a notable increase from the 229 complaints recorded in 2022.

Scheduled for later this week, the decision hinges on whether to prolong the order, which empowers the council to impose fines on individuals found negligent in controlling their dogs. The proposed extension, if approved, would span three additional years and target dog owners who fail to restrain their animals in designated areas such as parks, sports fields, and cemeteries.


Concerns over dog fouling have also escalated in the past year, as highlighted in a forthcoming council meeting. The regulatory and appeals committee will convene on Thursday to deliberate on the matter, taking into account feedback garnered from a consultation conducted earlier this year, which elicited 113 responses.


Among the responses, one individual recounted encounters with unleashed dogs while cycling in Ilkley, describing instances where the dogs pursued them, barking. As part of the consultation process, stakeholders were asked to provide input on extending the order to encompass the new city center park development on Hall Ings.


Danny Jackson, the council’s countryside and rights of way manager, underscored the challenges posed by the proliferation of dogs in public spaces, emphasizing instances of large groups of dogs under a single handler’s control, which can be intimidating and has led to attacks. Moreover, concerns were raised about the adverse impact on protected moorland ground-nesting birds during the breeding season, as dogs let off the lead often disturb these habitats.


The surge in dog fouling reports, from 371 in 2022 to 417 in 2023, underscores the urgency of the council’s decision. Additionally, the council noted a significant uptick in reported strays, with the number rising from 441 in 2022 to 678 in the preceding year.

Should the order be extended, dog owners would face fines for neglecting to clean up after their pets or failing to carry bags for waste collection. The committee members will deliberate on these issues, considering the broader implications of enforcing stricter control measures in light of the escalating complaints regarding dangerous dogs and stray incidents.


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