Police Investigate Disturbing Death of Dog in County Tyrone Incident

by Lisa

A police investigation has been initiated following an incident in Moy, County Tyrone, where a dog was found deceased in distressing circumstances.

The incident was reported to the authorities around 15:45 on Saturday. The Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) has expressed deep concern, emphasizing the importance of seeking justice for the animal.


A spokeswoman from the USPCA labeled the case as “disturbing and sickening,” highlighting the difficulty in comprehending such cruelty towards an innocent creature.


According to the police, the dog was discovered weighted down in the water. A police sergeant mentioned that the dog was retrieved from the water and has since been taken to a veterinary clinic. A post-mortem examination is scheduled to determine the cause of death.


Police authorities stated their collaboration with animal welfare officers in response to the incident.


Malachy Foye from Tyrone Underwater Search and Recovery recounted how members of their team were alerted by local fishermen along the Blackwater river on Saturday afternoon. He described the distress of the witnesses, noting the shocking nature of the discovery.

Foye mentioned that the dog appeared to be anchored down by some form of weight, speculating that it may have been submerged for approximately a week.

Authorities have urged anyone with pertinent information regarding the dog’s demise to come forward and assist with the investigation.


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