TSA Explosives Detection Dog Messi Retires, Finds Forever Home

by Lisa

Messi, a dedicated TSA explosives detection dog, bids farewell to his working days at Reagan National Airport. His handlers fondly remember him as a natural fit for the job, often finding joy in watching airplanes and frolicking in the grass at Gravelly Point field. Among the over 1,000 canine handler teams supporting security operations nationwide, Messi stood out for his training as an explosives detection dog at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland.

After tireless days of screening passengers and ensuring safety, Messi’s retirement promises relaxation and playtime, with endless opportunities to enjoy his favorite activities, like chasing tennis balls. In a heartwarming retirement celebration, Messi had his “Do Not Pet” patch removed from his harness, symbolizing the end of his professional service. To mark the occasion, he indulged in a pet-friendly cupcake.


To ensure they remain together after retirement, Messi’s handler, Peter, decided to adopt him, cementing the strong bond they’ve formed throughout their time working together.


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