Taylor Swift’s Bonus Track Sparks Speculation About Matty Healy Romance

by Lisa

Taylor Swift’s latest bonus track, “The Black Dog,” has sparked speculation among fans regarding its subject matter, with many suggesting it’s about her romance with Matty Healy.

Initially, some fans speculated that the song was about Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. However, evidence surfaced pointing to Healy as the song’s inspiration, particularly concerning his actions during a concert and subsequent relationships.


In the song’s lyrics, Swift references The Starting Line, a band covered by Healy during a concert in Manila in May 2023. This, coupled with reports of their rumored relationship, adds weight to the theory that Healy is the song’s subject.


“The Black Dog” title holds significance beyond its literal meaning, as it references both a London bar and an expression for depression, possibly adding depth to Swift’s emotional portrayal in the song.


The song delves into Swift’s feelings about Healy dating someone younger after their breakup, mirroring Healy’s real-life relationships post-split.


Despite their brief romance, Swift and Healy remained friends, as reported by People. Sources indicated that their relationship was casual and fun, leaving the door open for a potential rekindling in the future.

The chorus of “The Black Dog” appears to be particularly indicative of Healy’s influence, especially considering his public actions during their rumored relationship.

Swift’s lyrics also touch on themes of heartbreak and hidden pain, possibly alluding to her experiences following her relationships with Alwyn and Healy.

Reports of Swift purchasing a house in North London and spending time recording in New York add further context to the song’s lyrics, hinting at her emotional journey post-breakup.

Overall, “The Black Dog” offers insight into Swift’s complex feelings about her relationship with Healy and the aftermath of their breakup, resonating with fans who closely follow her personal and musical journey.


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