Bradford Council Faces Calls for Extension of Dog Fouling Enforcement Measures

by Lisa

Bradford Council has received over 1,400 complaints regarding dog fouling in the city over the span of four years, according to recent data.

Between January 2020 and December 2023, the council recorded 1,402 instances of residents contacting them about issues related to dog waste.


The release of these figures coincides with the council’s review of a public space protection order (PSPO), which empowers authorities to penalize dog owners for violating specific regulations.


A report issued by Bradford Council asserts that the volume of complaints underscores the necessity of maintaining the PSPO.


The PSPO was initially introduced in 2017 with the aim of cracking down on dog owners who neglect to clean up after their pets. It also grants the council authority to fine owners who fail to leash their dogs near lakes, ponds, and parks during organized sports or events.


Originally extended for three years in 2021, the order is slated to expire at the end of May this year unless renewed.

A report scheduled for presentation before a council committee next Thursday highlights that 2023 witnessed 417 reports of dog fouling, marking the highest number of complaints since the onset of the Covid pandemic.

Moreover, over the course of four years, there were over 1,000 reports of incidents involving dangerous dogs, with 322 cases reported in the previous year alone.

The report, in conjunction with findings from a public consultation regarding the PSPO, “clearly demonstrate the need for restrictions and prohibitions to remain in place.”

In response to the consultation, wherein the council sought public input, 97% of respondents expressed support for requiring all dogs to be leashed around fields, parks, and pitches during organized sports activities. Additionally, 72% favored leashing dogs around lakes and ponds.

Council proposals may introduce additional restrictions under the PSPO, potentially requiring dog owners to carry waste disposal items while walking their pets.

The council is expected to deliberate on the extension of the PSPO in light of these findings and public sentiment.


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