Abandoned Dog Found in Australian Park with Heartbreaking Note

by Lisa

In January, a heart-wrenching discovery unfolded in an Australian park when an abandoned dog named Charlie was found with a poignant note attached to his collar. This incident, sadly, mirrors thousands of cases handled by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) over the past year.

The note accompanying Charlie, a 1-year-old American Staffordshire, detailed the dire circumstances that led to his abandonment. It expressed the owner’s fear for Charlie’s safety, stating that he could not remain at his previous location. According to an April 10 Instagram post by RSPCA Queensland, the situation was described as “incredibly sad” for both Charlie and his family.


“Unfortunately my mum and dad needed to leave me behind for my own safety and theirs,” the note disclosed. “If I stayed where I was the bad guy would have hurt me and mum and dad would have no home.”


Providing insight into Charlie’s personality, the note revealed his affectionate nature towards people but also highlighted his need for time to feel comfortable. Upon being brought into the shelter by a stranger, Charlie initially struggled to adjust to shelter life. However, as time passed, he began to relax and engage with the staff, showcasing his loving and eager-to-please demeanor.


A foster family graciously volunteered to take Charlie in, providing him with respite from shelter life.


Unfortunately, Charlie’s plight is not unique. The RSPCA regularly receives abandonment calls, often attributed to cost-of-living increases. Since April 2023 alone, RSPCA Queensland has received a staggering 2,186 reports of dogs being abandoned or facing welfare concerns, as detailed in the Instagram post.

Charlie’s story, shared on social media, resonated deeply with many. The post garnered over 1,480 likes and 40 comments, with viewers expressing empathy and sadness for the vulnerable canine.

“Hurts my heart to think he watched his owner walk away and drive off without him,” commented one individual.

“That is so terribly sad, and so sad that someone had to go to these lengths for the poor Dog. The world is terribly tough,” remarked another.

A third person lamented, “Sweet boy. Just a vulnerable innocent soul.”


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