Federal Sting Targets Alleged Dog-Fighting Ring Leader, Rescues Abused Dogs

by Lisa

A major federal operation resulted in the apprehension of the alleged leader of an extensive dog-fighting ring, shining a spotlight on the illegal bloodsport characterized by animal cruelty for profit.

Bruce Low Jr., suspected of leading one of the nation’s top five dog-fighting breeding operations, was arrested following the execution of search warrants on three New Jersey properties linked to the illicit network.


Low faces a slew of charges, including racketeering, conspiracy, money laundering, cruelty to animals, and dogfighting-related offenses. Additionally, seven alleged co-conspirators were arrested and charged in connection with the operation.


Authorities discovered over 120 dogs at one Cumberland County property associated with Low, many exhibiting signs of abuse, neglect, and untreated injuries. New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin condemned the inhumane treatment, describing the animals as “tortured and abused.”


The investigation revealed grisly evidence, including dead dogs in a fighting pit and bloodstains on walls. According to Adam Parascandola of the Humane Society of the US, dog fighting is prevalent in underground gambling circles, facilitated by breeders, trainers, and spectators.


Low, also known as “Hollywood,” operated under the business name Royal Bull Kennels, allegedly engaging in illegal activities under the guise of legal operations. Despite disclaimers on the kennel’s website, charging documents indicate discrepancies, with Low inadvertently incriminating himself during undercover correspondence with law enforcement.

Col. Patrick Callahan of the State Police lauded the operation as the largest seizure and takedown of a dog-fighting ring in New Jersey’s history. Dominick Quartuccio, a State Police detective, highlighted Low’s significant income generated from the bloodsport.

The harrowing conditions endured by the dogs, including confinement, chaining, and forced conditioning for fights, were revealed during the investigation. Parascandola emphasized the suffering endured by these animals, from infancy to adulthood, in the brutal world of dog fighting.

Rescued dogs from the New Jersey compound have received medical treatment and are awaiting adoption in shelters and rescue centers. The operation underscores the ongoing battle against animal cruelty and the need for stringent enforcement measures to combat illicit activities such as dog fighting.


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