Adventurous Dogs Echo and Everest Amuse Owner with Climbing Antics

by Lisa

Jaime Simpson’s Australian shepherd, Echo, and golden retriever, Everest, provided her with an unexpected moment of amusement when she discovered each of them perched in unconventional locations at her home.

In a TikTok video shared on March 29, Simpson captured the hilarious sight of Everest standing atop the kitchen counter while Echo managed to climb all the way to the refrigerator. Expressing her disbelief, Simpson remarked, “Guys, I swear I cannot make this up,” as she recounted stepping on a dog treat before spotting her adventurous pets.


Echo, caught red-handed with a bag of dog treats, froze in place upon being discovered, aware of his transgression. Simpson humorously noted that Everest, typically not inclined to such behavior, seemed to have taken a page out of Echo’s playbook, quipping, “I guess he just learned that from you.”


Simpson recounted that she initially caught Echo on the refrigerator about three months ago after moving into their Jacksonville, Fla., home. Both Echo and Everest are Elite Performer Trick Dogs, proficient climbers who navigate furniture with ease.


Describing Echo as a “loophole dog” due to his intelligence and Everest as Echo’s loyal companion, Simpson highlighted their strong bond. She revealed that when she stumbled upon them in their precarious positions, she struggled to contain her laughter, knowing their penchant for mischief.


Despite their mischievous antics, both Echo and Everest serve as service dogs, with Echo specializing in seizure alert response and Everest in cardiac alert response. Simpson emphasized their dedication to their roles and their close friendship.

Since the viral video garnered over 15 million views, Echo and Everest have continued their climbing escapades under Simpson’s supervision. Simpson has taken steps to ensure their safety during their climbing adventures, teaching them safer techniques for ascending.

Simpson humorously noted that many TikTok commenters likened her agile dogs to cats, with some even questioning their breed. Nevertheless, Simpson remains enamored with her feline-like canines and continues to share their charming exploits with a growing online audience.


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