Ben Fogle’s Near-Death Encounter Spurs Plea for Safer Rural Roads

by Lisa

Television presenter Ben Fogle has disclosed a harrowing near-death experience when he narrowly avoided being struck by a delivery van while walking his dog near his rural home.

Fogle took to Instagram to recount the alarming incident, emphasizing the lack of pedestrian infrastructure in his village outside Henley, Oxfordshire. With no sidewalks available, pedestrians are compelled to share narrow roads with vehicles, a scenario fraught with peril.


According to Fogle’s detailed statement, the chilling encounter unfolded as a delivery van “careered around one of the many blind bends, threw on its brakes and skidded to a halt just a few feet from me and my dog.” The presenter highlighted the dangers of drivers navigating the single-track road at the legally permissible but evidently hazardous speed of 60mph.


Recalling the terrifying moment, Fogle likened it to past brushes with mortality, including a boat capsizing in the Atlantic Ocean and an oxygen bottle exploding on Mount Everest. However, this close call occurred on a routine dog walk near his residence, prompting him to reflect on the safety of his community.


Expressing grave concern for the safety of his family and neighbors, Fogle implored local authorities to take action by reducing the speed limit to 20mph. He underscored the urgent need for pedestrian-friendly measures in areas where roads double as pathways, stressing the potential consequences of inaction.


Fogle’s impassioned plea extended beyond his personal experience, resonating with the plight of countless other villages grappling with high-speed limits in residential areas. Urging collective action, he appealed for support in lobbying local councils to prioritize road safety initiatives before tragedy strikes.

The presenter’s heartfelt plea serves as a rallying cry for safer streets and underscores the imperative of proactive measures to protect vulnerable road users in rural communities.


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