Young Girl’s Dog-Pulled Rickshaw Ride Captivates China’s Social Media

by Lisa

In a heartwarming display of companionship, a young girl in China has captured the admiration of social media users as she rides in a makeshift rickshaw pulled by her loyal pet dog, sparking comparisons to a “Rolls-Royce in the kids’ world.”

The charming scene, captured in a trending video by a teacher and reported by Zhejiang TV, unfolds in Xingtai, Hebei province, northern China. The Labrador Retriever, affectionately named Barton, is filmed patiently waiting outside the girl’s nursery school alongside her father, who signals readiness for “duty” with a reassuring pat.


Displaying remarkable intelligence and cooperation, Barton positions himself within the wooden rickshaw’s frame, securing his head and shoulders into a harness. With the girl comfortably seated, he sets off, pulling the rickshaw while her father walks alongside, fostering a heartwarming display of familial affection.


Reflecting on the heartwarming interaction, the teacher who captured the moment remarked, “I saw a parent bring a pet dog to collect his child. I took a video as I thought the scene was fun. The interaction between them is full of love and warmth.”


According to the girl’s father’s Douyin account, Barton, a two-year-old male, underwent weeks of training to master the task of pulling the cart, a testament to the bond shared between pet and owner.


Videos shared online depict the girl smiling contentedly during her ride home, indulging in melon seeds as Barton dutifully pulls the rickshaw along.

Social media users across mainland China have been captivated by the heartwarming footage, with one observer noting, “The dog is so proud and joyful. Look, it is wagging its tail when other parents and kids are looking. It seems to be saying, ‘buddies, we will go first’.”

Another commenter remarked, “This is definitely a Rolls-Royce in the kids’ world. This little princess is happier than those sitting in BMW or Benz.”

The endearing display has even sparked humorous responses, with one user jokingly stating, “Do not show this video to my kid. He will ask me to buy a Labrador Retriever.”

Such heartwarming stories of companionship between pets and their owners continue to resonate deeply within Chinese society, highlighting the enduring bond shared between humans and their animal companions.


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