Is a bichon frise a good famIly Dog?

by Lisa

The Bichon Frise is a small, fluffy breed that is known for its friendly and affectionate nature. While they may not be as well-known as some other breeds, Bichon Frises make excellent family pets. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of owning a Bichon Frise as a family dog.

What is a Bichon Frise?

The Bichon Frise is a small breed of dog that originated in the Mediterranean region. They are known for their fluffy white coats, which require regular grooming to maintain. Bichon Frises are friendly and outgoing dogs that love to be around people. They are also intelligent and eager to please, which makes them easy to train.


The Pros of Owning a Bichon Frise as a Family Dog

There are several reasons why a Bichon Frise can make an excellent family pet. Some of the pros of owning a Bichon Frise include:


Friendly and Affectionate: Bichon Frises are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They love to be around people and are great with children.


Low-Shedding: Bichon Frises have a low-shedding coat, which makes them a good choice for families with allergies.


Easy to Train: Bichon Frises are intelligent and eager to please, which makes them easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement training methods.

Good with Children: Bichon Frises are gentle dogs that are good with children. They enjoy playing and are patient with younger children.

Good for Apartment Living: Bichon Frises are small dogs that do well in apartments or smaller homes. They don’t require a lot of space to be happy.

The Cons of Owning a Bichon Frise as a Family Dog

While there are many pros to owning a Bichon Frise as a family dog, there are also some cons that should be considered. Some of the cons of owning a Bichon Frise include:

Grooming Requirements: Bichon Frises have a long, fluffy coat that requires regular grooming to maintain. This can be time-consuming and expensive.

Separation Anxiety: Bichon Frises are social dogs that don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. They can develop separation anxiety if left alone too often.

Health Issues: Bichon Frises are prone to certain health issues, such as allergies, dental problems, and skin conditions. They may also be prone to certain genetic disorders.

Barking: Bichon Frises can be vocal dogs that bark frequently. This can be a problem in apartments or other close living situations.

Housebreaking: Bichon Frises can be difficult to housebreak. They may require extra time and patience to learn where to go potty.


Overall, a Bichon Frise can make an excellent family pet. They are friendly, affectionate, and easy to train. They are also low-shedding and good for apartment living. However, it’s important to consider the cons of owning a Bichon Frise, such as their grooming requirements, separation anxiety, and health issues. If you are considering a Bichon Frise as a family pet, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable breeder or adoption agency. With the right care and attention, a Bichon Frise can be a wonderful addition to your family.


What are the cons with Bichon Frise?

While Bichon Frise dogs are beloved for their cheerful demeanor and affectionate nature, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. Bichons can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods, which may lead to excessive barking or destructive behaviors. Additionally, their fluffy white coats require regular grooming to prevent matting and maintain their appearance. Some Bichons may also be prone to health issues such as allergies, dental problems, or joint issues, requiring ongoing veterinary care.

Do Bichon Frise dogs bark a lot?

Bichon Frise dogs are known for their tendency to bark, especially when they’re excited or seeking attention. However, with proper training and socialization, excessive barking can be managed. Providing mental stimulation and regular exercise can also help reduce barking behavior in Bichons.

Do bichons like to be cuddled?

Yes, Bichon Frise dogs are generally affectionate and enjoy cuddling with their owners. They thrive on human companionship and are often referred to as “velcro dogs” because they like to be close to their family members. Cuddling and physical affection are essential for bonding and strengthening the bond between Bichons and their owners.

Are Bichon Frise good with children?

Bichon Frise dogs are typically good with children and make excellent family pets. They are playful, gentle, and tolerant, making them well-suited for households with children of all ages. However, as with any dog breed, it’s essential to supervise interactions between Bichons and young children to ensure mutual respect and prevent accidental injuries. Proper socialization and training from an early age can help ensure that Bichons and children coexist harmoniously in the home.


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