United Airlines Flight Diverts After Dog Fouls Aisle, Reports Business Insider

by Lisa

A United Airlines flight bound from Houston to Seattle found itself diverting to Dallas after a dog, among the cabin’s passengers, relieved itself in the aisle, as reported by Business Insider.

Flight Radar, an online flight tracker, indicated the diversion of a Houston-to-Seattle United Airlines flight to Dallas on Friday.


While the incident was initially discussed on Reddit, United Airlines confirmed the occurrence to Business Insider.


According to one user, the dog had an unfortunate accident in the first-class section, prompting the diversion to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Allegedly, the ground crew spent more than two hours cleaning up the mess.


Additionally, the user claimed that the first-class restroom became unusable following the incident, and the extended time on the ground caused the onboard food to spoil, leaving passengers with limited snack options.


Despite efforts to address the situation, some passengers reportedly endured lingering unpleasant odors throughout the flight.

United Airlines outlines specific rules and regulations for passengers traveling with pets on their website. Pets must remain in their carriers under the seat for the duration of the flight unless they are service animals.

Flying with pets incurs additional fees, and certain destinations may have restrictions on pet travel.

This incident comes just a month after another United Airlines flight experienced a similar issue when a chihuahua defecated on seats and the floor during a flight to Portland on February 5. Flight attendants managed to clean up the mess without the need for an emergency landing, and some affected passengers were compensated with travel vouchers.


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