Controversy Surrounds Dog Hunt Organized by Shah Alam City Hall

by Lisa

The announcement of a forthcoming dog hunt organized by the Shah Alam City Hall (MBSA), scheduled for April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, has sparked significant backlash from both dog lovers and concerned members of the public.

Under the outlined plan, members of residents’ associations from targeted areas will collaborate with MBSA as volunteers to track down and capture dogs using loops, traps, and tranquilizer darts. Approximately 500 dogs have been earmarked for capture during the three-day operation, slated to run from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. A circular from MBSA confirms that all captured dogs will be euthanized and will not be eligible for release.


Volunteer dog hunters are reportedly offered a payment of RM30 for each dog captured during the operation.


The targeted areas include Setia Utama 1, Alam Nusantara, Setia Eco Park, Suria Hill, Setia Prima, Setia Taipan, as well as the Setia Prima and Setia Indian commercial centers.


Dr. Chan Kah Yein, founder of AnimalCare Society, has appealed to MBSA to reconsider its approach. “Please allow owners sufficient time to reclaim their pets, as some may be lost pets. Regarding street dogs, we urge MBSA to consider TNRM (trap-neuter-release-manage) instead,” said Dr. Chan.


Mandy Chee, an animal lover and rescuer, criticized the council’s practice of rewarding the public for capturing dogs. “Rewarding people for such cruel acts only promotes intolerance towards strays. Catching and killing should never be endorsed,” Chee remarked.

Kavitah Ganasan from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) emphasized that the overpopulation of dogs is a consequence of ineffective methods employed by authorities. “The catch-and-kill method has proven unsuccessful in curbing the population of street dogs. It is imprudent to continue allocating taxpayers’ money to an ineffective approach,” Ganasan stated, advocating for TNRM as an alternative.

Furthermore, Ganasan urged authorities to lift the ban on on-site neutering to enable rescue groups to conduct spaying operations for street dogs.

In response to public outcry, MBSA issued a statement assuring that all captured dogs would be sent to Paws Animal Welfare Society. However, Paws has urged MBSA to adopt a trap, neuter, and release strategy in targeted areas instead.

Lim Choon Sun, manager of Paws, stressed the importance of not euthanizing captured dogs, urging MBSA to reconsider their fate.

Selangor exco in charge of local councils, Datuk Ng Suee Lim, expressed confidence that local councils would exercise caution in addressing complaints about street animals. “While the capture of street animals may be necessary in response to public complaints, it is imperative to ensure the welfare of these animals, aligning with the Selangor state government’s commitment to inclusivity and progressiveness,” Ng asserted.


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