Are AnatolIan Shepherds hard to train?

by Lisa

The Difficulty of Training Anatolian Shepherds

Anatolian Shepherds are a large breed of dog originating from Turkey, known for their strong physique and loyal personality. This breed of dog is still used as protectors of flocks in Turkey, with strict social organization, which makes them suitable for family environments to some extent. However, Anatolian Shepherds also have some characteristics that may make training relatively difficult.

Personality Traits

Anatolian Shepherds are gentle with children but show distrust towards strangers, making them good guard dogs. This personality trait may affect training because they may be wary of new trainers or training environments.


Training Challenges

This breed of dog sometimes exhibits stubborn behavior, which may be due to their lack of dependence and obedience. Therefore, they are not very suitable as companion animals, especially for inexperienced dog owners, and training may be more difficult.


Training Suggestions

To effectively train Anatolian Shepherds, it is recommended to start training from a young age and ensure that training is consistent and positive. Scolding or physical punishment should not be used during training because this may cause a rebellious mentality and make the dog feel untrustworthy. Instead, reward and positive reinforcement methods should be used to encourage good behavior. In addition, the whole family should maintain consistency during training, using the same commands and rules so that the dog can better understand and obey.



Overall, Anatolian Shepherds may not be the easiest breed of dog to train, especially for novice dog owners. They require an experienced, gentle, and consistent trainer, as well as a supportive and positive training environment. With patience and the right methods, even this strong-willed breed of dog can become a loyal and reliable companion.


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