How to train an AnatolIan Shepherd puppy?

by Lisa

Training Anatolian Shepherd Puppies

Anatolian Shepherds are a strong, intelligent, and territorial breed of dog originating from Turkey, primarily used to protect flocks from predators. Training this breed of dog requires patience and skill, and here are some suggestions on how to train Anatolian Shepherd puppies.

Know Your Breed

Firstly, you need to know your breed. Anatolian Shepherds are a large breed, weighing up to 80 pounds and standing up to 30 inches tall when fully grown. They are very intelligent and independent, with a strong desire for leadership and protection. This means they may present some challenges during training, but they are also very capable and loyal companions.


Basic Training

Basic training is essential for all breeds of dogs, including commands like sit, lie down, and stand. For Anatolian Shepherds, these training exercises can help them establish good behavior habits and learn how to obey your commands.


Socialization Training

Anatolian Shepherds are a very independent and confident breed of dog, and they may exhibit some aggression towards other breeds of dogs or humans. Therefore, socialization training is very important. This can be achieved by exposing them to different people and other breeds of dogs.


Protection Training

As Anatolian Shepherds have a strong protective instinct, it is important to train them how to display this instinct appropriately. You can simulate possible threat situations, such as someone approaching your property, and give them appropriate commands to let them know when to display their protective instinct.


Patience and Consistency

Finally, training Anatolian Shepherd puppies requires a lot of patience and consistency. They may question your commands or try to do things their own way. In this case, you need to stick to your position and give them consistent feedback.

Overall, training Anatolian Shepherd puppies takes time and patience, but if you can successfully complete this process, you will find that they are very capable companions and will show you unmatched loyalty and protection.


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