Community Rallies Behind Woman’s Effort to Find Lost Dog

by Lisa

The heartfelt quest of a woman searching for her missing dog has ignited a wave of support on social media, with numerous users joining the mission to reunite them.

Hannah Riley, a writer and activist from DeKalb County, Georgia, recently faced the distressing ordeal of losing her beloved pet, Hazel, a 10-year-old Papillon mix. Following Riley’s plea for help on social media, an outpouring of assistance both online and in the local community has emerged to aid in the search for Hazel.


On March 17, Riley took to social media to share Hazel’s disappearance, revealing that the canine went missing while she was out of the country. The last known whereabouts of Hazel were at Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists and Emergency in Decatur, Georgia, where the dog had been taken after consuming several Delta 8 gummies, a legal form of cannabis, according to Riley.


Expressing her distress, Riley recounted, “Both the dog sitter and I are very upset, so not a lot of direct communication, but I know the sitter has been out searching absolutely tirelessly for Hazel. She feels absolutely horrible.”


Thrive Healthcare, the entity overseeing Saint Francis Veterinary Specialists and Emergency, issued a statement expressing sympathy for the incident and affirming support for Hazel’s family in their search efforts.


Statistics from the Animal Humane Society (AHS) indicate that one in every three pets in the U.S. will go missing during their lifetime, amounting to around 10 million lost animals annually. AHS advises pet owners to ensure visible identification for their animals at all times, a precaution that Hazel did not have, as she only wore a hospital collar and catheter when she reportedly fled from the facility.

In response to Riley’s call for assistance, members of the local community have rallied together, offering to distribute flyers and visit locations where Hazel might potentially be found. Riley has been actively coordinating volunteers, maintaining a Google spreadsheet to track outreach efforts both in-person and online.

The supportive response on social media has been overwhelming, with several of Riley’s posts and public service announcements garnering thousands of likes and shares. As the search intensifies, Riley has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to bolster the efforts to bring Hazel home. The campaign has already raised $9,431, nearing its $10,000 target.

“We are moving into a big public awareness campaign hoping that whoever might have Hazel sees it,” Riley wrote in a recent update. She pledged to donate any remaining funds from the campaign to the Atlanta Humane Society, where Hazel was originally adopted.

As the search for Hazel continues, Riley remains deeply grateful for the unwavering support and generosity demonstrated by volunteers and the community at large.


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