Family Reunited with Stolen Dog After Eight Months, Thanks to Social Media

by Lisa

A Lake Park family’s heart-wrenching tale of their stolen dog being reunited with them after eight months has captured the attention of many, shedding light on the power of social media in such situations.

Jairisheila Gomez and her family faced a traumatic incident on July 12 when their beloved dog, Elsa, vanished from their porch while they were cleaning their home. Despite their efforts to find her, all they discovered was Elsa’s collar abandoned in the bushes, leading them to believe she had been taken.


The anguish of losing a cherished pet weighed heavily on Gomez and her family as weeks turned into months, with no sign of Elsa. However, their hopes were reignited on Jan. 21 when Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control received a tip from a concerned citizen about a distressed dog in need of help.


Elsa, now named Lola by the suspect, was found in poor condition, with a makeshift collar made of shoelaces causing swelling around her neck. The suspect, identified as Jonathan Nichols, 30, was apprehended by deputies after initially refusing to cooperate.


Nichols faces multiple charges, including cruelty to animals and carrying a concealed firearm. Despite claiming he found the dog three months prior, the circumstances surrounding Elsa’s condition and Nichols’ actions paint a troubling picture.


The heartwarming reunion between Elsa and her family, captured in a video shared with WPTV, highlights the joy of their reunion. However, the ordeal has left a lasting impact, with Gomez expressing her disgust at Nichols’ alleged mistreatment of Elsa.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the family remains grateful to Palm Beach Animal Care and Control for their efforts in reuniting them with Elsa and for providing the necessary care to ensure her recovery. The community’s support, coupled with the power of social media, played a pivotal role in bringing Elsa back home where she belongs.


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