Pasadena Family’s Desperate Search for Missing Dog Leads to Disturbing Encounters and Murder Suspect Connection

by Lisa

Jackie Luca, a resident of East Pasadena, has been living through a nightmare for several weeks after her beloved dog, Rocco, went missing. What started with a hopeful text message about Rocco’s whereabouts has since turned into a distressing series of events involving mysterious texts, disturbing encounters, and even a connection to a murder suspect.

Rocco, a 2-year-old Rottweiler, vanished from Luca’s home on Feb. 1 during his morning walk. Despite Luca’s immediate efforts to search for him and plaster her neighborhood with flyers, the situation took a dark turn when she began receiving messages from someone claiming to have found her dog.


The individual behind the texts sent Luca photos of Rocco and claimed he was in Palm Desert, over 120 miles away. Despite Luca’s attempts to follow up on the provided addresses, Rocco remained elusive. Matters escalated when the person demanded $500 for Rocco’s return and mentioned sending him to a farm.


In a bizarre twist, Luca received messages from a second phone number regarding Rocco, which led her to discover a chilling connection. The phone number was linked to Eduardo Sanchez, a murder suspect wanted for the killing of 14-year-old Ivan Villareal. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has since become involved in Luca’s case.


Despite ongoing efforts by authorities and Luca’s persistent communication with the individuals claiming to have Rocco, the situation has only grown more perplexing. Luca has continued to receive messages and photos of Rocco, while also enduring unnerving encounters outside her home late at night.


Luca’s distress has been compounded by the recent passing of her 14-year-old Chihuahua, Buddy, whom she believes died from a broken heart after Rocco’s disappearance. She continues to receive disturbing messages, including one offering Rocco’s fur and another falsely claiming Rocco’s death.

Adding to the ordeal, Luca has reported encounters with a man outside her home, leading to concerns for her and her family’s safety. Pasadena police are investigating these incidents but have yet to establish a clear connection between the man and Rocco’s disappearance.

As the investigation continues and Luca grapples with ongoing harassment, she remains determined to reunite with Rocco and find closure amidst the turmoil.


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