Tragic Incident Leaves East Hartford Family Mourning Loss of 1-Year-Old in Dog Attack

by Lisa

The community of East Hartford is reeling from a devastating incident that has left a family grieving the loss of their 1-year-old child, Lennox, who was tragically attacked by a dog in their backyard.

According to authorities, the incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at the family’s residence on Fuller Avenue in East Hartford. Lennox was playing on a trampoline with his mother when the attack took place.


The family identified the dog involved as their own family pet, emphasizing that it had never displayed aggressive behavior in the past. Ricky Rohena, Lennox’s father, stated, “If the dog would have been aggressive or anything like that, trust and believe he wouldn’t have been around the baby.”


Upon hearing screams, a neighbor rushed across the street to assist. Recounting the harrowing experience, the neighbor, Rohan Green, expressed his wish to have arrived sooner, saying, “I tried to fight off two Pitbulls and help the baby as much as I could. One minute seemed like forever. [It was] a long battle.”


Despite immediate medical attention, Lennox was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Crystal Rod, the baby’s aunt, tearfully shared, “He was on the ambulance alive. He fought and he tried to stay with us as long as he could.”


The dog involved in the attack, described as a large mixed-breed, was taken into custody by authorities, along with another dog from the property. Both animals are currently held at a nearby pound.

Rohena expressed deep remorse over the tragic outcome, reflecting on his absence during the incident. He lamented, “I just didn’t get the chance to hold my baby at all. I didn’t get the chance to see him.” Lennox’s mother, Keyshla Torres, who is pregnant, also sustained injuries in the attack.

Recounting the horrifying ordeal, Torres tearfully recalled, “I witnessed it. [The dog] got onto the trampoline, then he grabbed the baby.”

Lennox’s family fondly remembered him as a joyous child who had recently celebrated his first birthday. Torres shared, “He was a happy baby. Every time he would hear his dad come home, hear his dad open the door, he would get happy. He was a daddy’s boy.”

Amid their grief, the family pleaded for understanding and empathy, revealing that they had been subjected to hurtful messages online. Rod implored, “We just ask to please be mindful that we’re already dealing with the loss of an infant, an innocent angel.”

She continued, “We were supposed to be celebrating his life. He turned one on March 9. But instead of celebrating his one year birthday, we have to come together as a family and plan a burial service.”

Acknowledging the overwhelming public scrutiny, Rod emphasized the love shared between Lennox and his family, stating, “We’re receiving so much public hate. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. This was the family dog. No one ever saw this coming. Those dogs were loved and Lennox was loved 17 times more than the dogs.”


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