Adventurous Pup Becomes Viral Sensation After Attempting to Hitch a Ride with Unwitting Driver

by Lisa

In a hilarious and unexpected moment caught on camera, an adventurous 8-month-old puppy left the internet in stitches as it attempted to hitch a ride with an unsuspecting woman. Shared on Instagram by @brookesiem, the video captured the pup leaping into the woman’s car with unbridled enthusiasm, completely disregarding the conventional advice of avoiding car rides with strangers.

The footage shows the pup, seemingly fearless, hopping into the car door while ignoring calls from its mortified owner to exit. From the front seat, the driver filmed the entire comical ordeal, adding a text overlay that humorously read: “Just had my car detailed yesterday.”


As the owner tried to coax the excited pup out of the car, she remarked, “Let’s not get these people’s stuff all muddy,” while attempting to grasp the determined dog. In a subsequent comment, @brookesiem clarified that the woman was indeed the dog’s owner, emphasizing that the 8-month-old puppy was unharmed and fine.


While this impromptu travel arrangement may not have been planned, many pet owners frequently take their dogs on car rides. To ensure the safety of furry companions during travel, it is advisable to secure them inside the car, either with a kennel-style carrier anchored to the back seat or by using a specially designed travel harness connected to the car’s belt system.


For extended journeys, pet owners should plan for their dog’s needs, including exercise and bathroom breaks, and ensure access to water. Leaving dogs unattended in a car poses risks such as overheating and other potential dangers.


With over 1.4 million views, the video quickly went viral, prompting a flurry of reactions and comments on Instagram. One commenter exclaimed, “This might be the best thing I’ve ever seen!” while another playfully suggested, “Dog said, let’s go, I got us an Uber. I’m not walking back Susan.”

Sharing their own anecdotes, some pet owners recounted similar experiences, with one noting, “I had a yellow lab that would do this! He was so strong he’d rip the leash from my hands and jump head-on into any vehicle with an open door. He was nutso.” Another shared, “My dog did this to a DoorDash driver once. I was so embarrassed.”


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