Guinness World Records Removes Title of World’s Oldest Dog After Investigation

by Lisa

In a recent announcement, Guinness World Records officially revoked the title of the world’s oldest dog from Bobi, a Rafeiro do Alentejo from Portugal, citing concerns and skepticism raised by veterinarians about the dog’s claimed age. The investigation, conducted over the past month, concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support Bobi’s record.

Bobi, who was previously celebrated as a 31-year-old canine, passed away eight months after being awarded the title in February 2023. Guinness World Records had undertaken a thorough review, examining existing evidence, seeking new information, and consulting experts associated with the original application.


The organization, in a news release on Thursday, stated, “Guinness no longer has the evidence it needs to support Bobi’s claim as the record holder.”


Bobi’s life began in the rural Portuguese village of Conqueiros, where he was discovered by owner Leonel Costa and his brothers after the litter he was born into was intended to be buried. The family decided to keep Bobi, who became an integral part of their lives.


Despite the rocky start, Bobi was described by his owner as “one of a kind.” His family threw a grand birthday celebration, with over 100 guests, for his supposed 31st birthday. Bobi passed away approximately 165 days after the celebration.


Guinness World Records clarified that the decision to revoke Bobi’s record was due to the inability to prove the dog’s age with the provided evidence. The 2022 microchip data, a key element in the preliminary application, did not require proof of age for dogs born before 2008, contributing to the lack of conclusive evidence about Bobi’s birthdate.

Mark McKinley, director of records at Guinness, mentioned that the investigation highlighted the challenges associated with verifying the age of older pets, especially regarding microchip data. While Guinness is not currently able to confirm a new titleholder for the world’s oldest dog, they expressed hope that the publicity surrounding the record would encourage pet owners worldwide to come forward with verifiable information.


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