Norwich Cinema Hosts Sold-Out Event Welcoming Dogs to Amy Winehouse Biopic

by Lisa

A dog owner expressed gratitude for the opportunity to bring their furry companions to a sold-out cinema event in Norwich, describing it as a significant gesture of inclusion.

Cinema City in Norwich welcomed pet pooches and their owners to watch the Amy Winehouse biopic, “Back to Black.” Justin Howard, a dog owner, emphasized the joy of being able to share such experiences with his rescue dog Kuzya, enhancing Norwich’s reputation as a dog-friendly city.


“To see him interact with other dogs and how well behaved he is, considering the start in life he had, fills me with immense joy,” Howard expressed.


The screening, with 32 tickets sold out, garnered a positive response, according to Justin Holmes, the cinema’s general manager. He described the reaction as “incredible,” with social media support and a high demand for tickets.


Despite the movie not focusing on dogs, Holmes aimed for inclusivity, making the film choice broad and accessible to all attendees.


“We read the rules to the owners and the dogs, and they all sat politely listening on their blankets… we just feel like we’re having our best day at work ever,” Holmes remarked.

The cinema took precautions, scheduling the screening at an earlier time to facilitate a thorough cleaning process afterward.

Attendees Teresa and Malcolm Bushell expressed their delight at being able to bring their toy poodle Teddy along, emphasizing the newfound freedom to enjoy outings without leaving their beloved pet behind.

Following the success of the event, Cinema City plans to host another dog-friendly screening in May, catering to the demand for inclusive and pet-friendly entertainment options.


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