Tragic Dog Attack Claims Life of 1-Year-Old in Duncanville

by Lisa

A tragic incident unfolded in Duncanville as a one-year-old child lost their life following a dog attack, as reported by the local police.

The distressing event occurred around 10:30 a.m. on Monday at a residence situated in the 1500 block of Lime Leaf Ln. Authorities were alerted to the scene where it was revealed that the child had been attacked by dogs.


Upon arrival, officers and paramedics swiftly initiated life-saving procedures on the unconscious child, according to Duncanville PD.


Due to the severity of the injuries, an emergency escort was provided by officers for Duncanville Medics to transport the child to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Tragically, despite efforts, the child was pronounced deceased shortly after reaching the hospital.


In response to the incident, Duncanville Animal Control intervened and took custody of three German shepherd mixes believed to be involved in the attack. While it was confirmed that all three dogs were implicated in the tragic event, ownership details were not disclosed by Duncanville Police Chief Matthew Stogneor.


Authorities emphasized that the attack was not a random occurrence and clarified that the child did not reside at the property where the incident occurred but was under the care of a babysitter. Fortunately, the other children present at the time remained unharmed, as stated by Stogneor.

Investigations revealed that the dogs had been outside before somehow gaining entry into the residence. Despite efforts by the homeowner to intervene and deter the attack, she sustained injuries and was unable to prevent the tragic outcome, Duncanville PD reported.


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