Woman Faces Dilemma Over Boyfriend’s Alleged Allergies to Her New Puppy

by Lisa

A 21-year-old woman finds herself in a challenging predicament as she navigates the conflict between her boyfriend’s alleged allergies and her attachment to her new puppy. Shared on the Am I The ***hole forum on Reddit, the woman detailed her struggle to reconcile her boyfriend’s discomfort with her affection for her canine companion.

Having recently adopted the puppy to alleviate feelings of loneliness, the woman found herself at odds with her boyfriend, also 21, who has grown increasingly resentful towards the puppy over the past two months. Their disagreements over the puppy’s behavior have escalated, with the boyfriend insisting that the dog is “annoying and does not behave.”


In defense of her furry friend, the woman highlighted the puppy’s positive traits, emphasizing its young age of only three months and its progress in toilet training, sociability with people and other dogs, and ability to perform tricks.


Amidst their ongoing arguments, the boyfriend posed a hypothetical scenario, asking if she would give away the puppy if he were allergic. The woman, unaware of any allergies at the time, reluctantly agreed. However, the next day, the boyfriend claimed to have developed a “painful rash,” attributing it to the presence of the puppy.


Expressing skepticism about her boyfriend’s sudden allergy symptoms, the woman offered practical solutions such as purchasing an air purifier, de-shedder, and maintaining cleanliness to mitigate his discomfort. Despite her efforts, the boyfriend remained adamant that these measures would be ineffective.


Supportive comments flooded the Reddit post, with many users expressing solidarity with the woman and criticizing the boyfriend’s behavior as manipulative. Some advised her to seek an impartial opinion on the puppy’s behavior while others questioned the authenticity of the boyfriend’s allergy claims.

Acknowledging the suspicious timing of the alleged allergies, the woman expressed uncertainty but leaned towards skepticism regarding her boyfriend’s claims.

As the woman grapples with her dilemma, the situation underscores the complexities of balancing relationships and pet ownership, prompting discussions among Reddit users about trust, manipulation, and communication within romantic partnerships.


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