Wiltshire Police Respond to Dog Fouling Incidents in Calne

by Lisa

After multiple instances of a dog owner failing to clean up after their pet were captured on CCTV over several weeks, Wiltshire Police have taken action in Calne.

The individual, a resident of Calne, was observed allowing their dog to foul in various public areas including Phelps Parade, The High Street, outside Sainsbury’s, and near the public toilets in The Pippin. Despite repeated occurrences, the owner neglected to clean up the mess each time.


Calne Town Council provided clear CCTV footage of these incidents to the police, prompting a response. Last week, PCSO Mark Cook visited the home address of the dog owner, where a community resolution was employed to address the matter.


As part of the resolution, the owner agreed to participate in a responsible dog ownership course offered by the Blue Cross dog charity.


PCSO Mark Cook commented on the situation, stating, “Calne Town Council CCTV brought this matter to our attention after being informed by council staff who had been tasked with cleaning up the dog mess in areas frequented by pedestrians and children.”


He emphasized the importance of addressing such issues promptly, highlighting the unpleasantness for both council staff and the potential risks to public health.

“We hope the action taken demonstrates our commitment to addressing community concerns when evidence is presented,” PCSO Cook added. “This collaboration between Calne CCTV and the Calne Neighbourhood Police Team exemplifies our shared goal of maintaining a pleasant living environment in our town.”

Following the intervention, Calne Town Council CCTV reported a positive change in the dog owner’s behavior, with observed instances of responsible waste disposal.

Calne CCTV is now seeking additional volunteers to support its efforts. Those interested can contact the CCTV Manager at Calne Town Council’s Bank House for further information.


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