Mother ‘Shocked’ and ‘Heartbroken’ as Son Attacked by Dog

by Lisa

A mother in North Belfast has expressed her shock and heartbreak after her three-year-old son was attacked by a dog, leaving him traumatized and requiring 12 staple stitches to his head. Alice-Lee Bunting recounted the incident, which occurred on March 25 in Prospect Park, Ardoyne, as her son Keaghán was accompanying his grandfather to drop off his older sibling at training.

According to Alice-Lee, the dog believed to be a border collie mixed with a husky attacked Keaghán suddenly, resulting in significant swelling to his head and the need for medical treatment. She described the attack as horrendous and mentioned the emotional toll it has taken on both her and her son. Keaghán has been experiencing sleep disturbances and fear, prompting concerns about the need for counseling.


A spokesperson for Belfast City Council confirmed that they were informed of the incident and stated that it remains a priority for their Dog Warden service. However, they refrained from providing further details while the investigation is ongoing.


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