United Airlines Flight Diverted After Dog’s In-Flight Accident

by Lisa

A recent United Airlines flight encountered an unusual disruption when it was forced to divert after a dog had an accident in the aisle, leading to an extended cleaning operation.

The incident took place on Flight 422 from Houston to Seattle on Friday, April 7. According to a Reddit user, who shared the story alongside a photo, the dog relieved itself in the first-class section of the aircraft, causing a messy situation.


The flight was redirected to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, where ground crew members spent over two hours attempting to clean the carpet with paper towels. However, despite their efforts, the smell persisted, making passengers uncomfortable.


Moreover, the situation was exacerbated when the first-class toilet became unusable due to the unresolved mess. Consequently, food supplies dwindled, leaving few snacks for passengers.


United Airlines confirmed the incident but declined to provide further details when contacted by


The incident sparked a discussion on Reddit, with some users expressing frustration over passengers bringing dogs onto flights. One commenter criticized the leniency in allowing emotional support animals on board, suggesting that only service animals for the blind should be permitted in cabins.

Another user recounted their own experience of traveling with a dog, admitting that their pet had once escaped from its carrier and defecated in the aisle. They emphasized the importance of proper travel preparation and training for pets.

In a separate incident earlier this year, a traveler caused a commotion on a flight after reportedly soiling their pants, leaving feces on the seat. The incident garnered attention on social media, with some questioning its authenticity.


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