Prince Andrew’s Narrow Dog Escape Sparks Relief and Reflection

by Lisa

In a fortunate turn of events, the royal family narrowly averted potential trouble on Saturday when Prince Andrew’s bodyguard intervened just moments before a near collision with a small, off-leash dog.

Reported by The Sun, the incident occurred as Prince Andrew drove his Range Rover SUV along the Long Walk, a popular 2.64-mile road within the Windsor Great Park, adjacent to Windsor Castle. The area, known for its open spaces and tree-lined paths, attracts locals for walks, runs, and outings with their dogs.


As Prince Andrew exited the crown estate, a small dark-colored dog suddenly darted in front of his vehicle, too close for him to see, according to the paper.


Fortunately, his vigilant bodyguard, seated in the passenger seat, observed the frantic gestures of park visitors, signaling something amiss beyond the usual royal sightings. Recognizing the urgency, the bodyguard spotted the dog’s owner sprinting toward the car and promptly alerted Prince Andrew, prompting him to hit the brakes just in time.


Eyewitnesses described the dog’s guardian as “mortified,” with one witness quoted by the British tabloid saying, “Everyone was laughing when they saw who was driving the Range Rover.”


The incident bore a resemblance to a scene from the Netflix film “Scoop,” released the day prior, where a distracted dog owner chases after her pet in a public park, echoing the real-life struggles of responsible pet ownership.

In a moment of reflection, the parallels between the dog’s escape and the challenges faced by BBC Newsnight interviewer Emily Maitlis, portrayed by Gillian Anderson, are drawn. Maitlis’s real-life whippet, Moody, symbolizes the elusive nature of her groundbreaking 2019 interview with Prince Andrew regarding his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Reflecting on the interview, Maitlis later remarked on the meticulous preparation and careful execution required to navigate such sensitive topics, mirroring the diligence required in pet ownership.

While the dog’s fortunate escape brought relief to its owner, it also prompts contemplation about the potential outcomes of the encounter had circumstances been different, raising questions about who would bear the greater consequences in such a scenario.


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