Dog Missing for Six Months Found 2,000 Miles Away

by Lisa
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A dog that vanished from San Diego, California, six months ago has miraculously been reunited with her owner, but not without an astonishing twist — she turned up over 2,000 miles away near Detroit.

Liz and Mehrad Houman’s beloved pet, Mishka, disappeared from Mehrad’s auto body shop in San Diego back in July 2023, leaving the family distraught and baffled. Despite their efforts, including reaching out to the Humane Society, distributing “missing dog” flyers, and sharing Mishka’s chip number, they were met with silence.


“We believe someone has taken her because she is chipped and has our number on her collar,” Liz expressed in a Facebook post during the initial search.


However, their seemingly endless search took an unexpected turn in March 2024 when they received an unexpected call — Mishka had been found by the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society in Harper Woods, Michigan, just outside Detroit.


The journey of Mishka’s reunion began when a concerned citizen in Harper Woods alerted local authorities about a stray dog in the neighborhood. Harper Woods police intervened, and Mishka, identified as a terrier mix, was then handed over to an animal welfare group. The Adoption Society, after assuming custody, scanned Mishka for a microchip, leading to the long-awaited contact with her owners.


As fate would have it, the Houmans were already en route to Minneapolis to visit family when they received the life-changing call from the shelter. Without hesitation, Mehrad embarked on a 10-hour drive from Minneapolis to Harper Woods to reclaim their beloved pet.

“I’ve been missing my kid so that’s, I think, what anybody would do to go get their kid back,” Mehrad expressed to FOX 2 Detroit, encapsulating the sentiment shared by many pet owners.

While the exact circumstances of Mishka’s cross-country journey remain a mystery, both the Houmans and local authorities speculate that she was likely stolen and transported to Michigan.

“We think [the dog] was stolen and then was sold and ended up in Michigan,” explained Corinne Martin, director of the animal welfare group, to the Associated Press.

Adding to the intrigue, Mishka exhibited a surprising new behavior upon her return — she had apparently been taught how to sit. Liz, Mishka’s owner, shared with FOX 2 Detroit, “Someone taught her how to sit. She sits now.”

Upon her arrival in Michigan, Mishka underwent a thorough examination by veterinarian Nancy Pillsbury, who confirmed the dog was in good health, well-fed, and had been cared for during her absence.

“She was clean, well-fed. Whoever had her took good care of her,” Pillsbury remarked to the AP. “How she got here — that’s a story only Mishka knows.”

Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society praised Mishka’s safe return to her family as a testament to the importance of microchipping pets and responsible pet ownership. In a Facebook post shared by the organization, they emphasized the success of Mishka’s reunion as a result of collaboration between concerned citizens, local authorities, and animal shelters.

Reflecting on their arduous journey to find Mishka, Liz expressed unwavering determination and gratitude for the support received throughout the ordeal.

“I never gave up,” Liz affirmed to the AP. “I put up over a thousand flyers. I had a flyer on my back windshield. I wore her leash whenever I would look for her. … Now I just want to find out how she got to Michigan.”


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