Facing the Heartbreak of Intervertebral Disc Disease: A Pet Owner’s Journey

by Lisa

For many pet owners, the thought of their beloved furry companion falling ill is a nightmare. This was the reality for one pet owner, whose eight-year-old Dachshund, Tanq, suddenly displayed concerning symptoms that hinted at a potentially devastating diagnosis.

The ordeal began with an afternoon walk that turned into a moment of panic when Tanq, the cherished four-legged friend, struggled to move. His owner, deeply troubled by the sudden change in Tanq’s behavior, wasted no time in seeking medical attention.


Amid tears and anxious anticipation, Tanq was rushed to an animal Chinese medicine specialist, as the regular veterinarian was unable to accommodate an immediate appointment. The initial assessment confirmed the owner’s worst fears: Tanq was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), a debilitating condition affecting one in four Dachshunds.


The prognosis offered two options: expensive surgery, with no guarantee of success, or a holistic approach. Wrestling with the weight of this decision, the owner grappled with the emotional and financial implications. Ultimately, they chose to explore holistic treatment options, placing their trust in an animal chiropractor, Dr. Chris Hume-Phillips.


Dr. Hume-Phillips provided reassurance during the initial consultation, offering insights into Tanq’s condition and potential treatment paths. Despite the daunting uncertainty, the owner made the courageous decision to forego surgery, opting instead for holistic care.


Nearly a year later, Tanq’s journey serves as a testament to the power of holistic treatment and proactive pet care. Regular appointments with Dr. Hume-Phillips have become a cornerstone of Tanq’s wellness routine, ensuring ongoing maintenance and monitoring of his condition.

Reflecting on the experience, the owner emphasizes the importance of education and awareness surrounding IVDD, particularly within the Dachshund community. Dr. Hume-Phillips echoes this sentiment, advocating for research, prevention, and informed decision-making when it comes to pet health.

As Tanq continues to thrive under holistic care, his story offers hope and encouragement to pet owners navigating similar challenges. By prioritizing proactive healthcare and seeking multiple opinions, pet owners can empower themselves to make informed choices for their beloved companions’ well-being.


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