Are Anatolian Shepherds healthy: Things You Need To Know

by Lisa

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are a breed with a long history, originating from Turkey, known for their excellent herding abilities and guarding instincts. The ancestors of this breed can be traced back to the Babylonian period around 1000 BC when they were used as war dogs. Modern Anatolian Shepherd Dogs still serve as guardians of flocks in Turkey and other regions, while also being utilized as family pets and guard dogs.

Health Characteristics

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are renowned for their robustness and bravery, able to adapt to various climate conditions. They are gentle with children but exhibit some level of distrust towards strangers, making them excellent guard dogs. This breed requires plenty of daily exercise and is therefore not suited for urban living environments. In terms of grooming, their coat needs regular brushing to maintain health and aesthetics.


Size and Lifespan

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are large in size, with adult dogs standing approximately 71 to 81 centimeters tall at the shoulders and weighing between 41 to 64 kilograms. Their lifespan is typically around 10 to 11 years.


Common Health Issues

Although Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are generally healthy, there are some common hereditary diseases to be aware of. For example, they may suffer from hip dysplasia and entropion. Regular veterinary check-ups and appropriate health management based on veterinary advice are recommended to maintain their health.


Care Recommendations

For those considering owning Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, it’s important to ensure they receive sufficient daily exercise and are provided with suitable living conditions and nutrition. Additionally, due to their large size, special attention should be paid to ensuring adequate living space to prevent them from feeling crowded or unsettled. Regular care such as teeth cleaning, nail trimming, and grooming is also essential.


In conclusion, as long as you can meet the basic needs of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and provide them with a loving and caring environment, they can lead healthy and happy lives.


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