Illinois stabbing survivor credits son for saving her and sister

by Lisa

A mother, Darlene Weber, and her two children, Jacob Vollman and Cathy Gilfillan, recounted a terrifying ordeal following an Illinois stabbing spree on Wednesday. Christian Soto is accused of going on a rampage, resulting in four deaths and injuring several others, including Weber and her kids.

Weber praised her son, calling him her “knight in shining armor,” for his bravery during the attack. She credited Vollman with preventing further harm, acknowledging that without his intervention, she might not have survived the assault.


Soto faces charges of murder, attempted murder, and home invasion in connection with the incident, which occurred in multiple locations in Rockford and Winnebago County.


Recounting the attack, Weber described encountering the assailant while taking her dog outside, only to be stabbed in the face. As she screamed for help, Vollman confronted the attacker, engaging in a physical altercation to protect his family.


Vollman described facing the attacker head-on, sustaining injuries but managing to fend him off. Gilfillan, who also witnessed the assault, praised her brother’s courage, emphasizing that his actions saved their lives.


The survivors described the attacker as having a menacing demeanor, with Gilfillan noting his blackened eyes and unsettling appearance.

Despite the trauma, the family remains resilient, determined not to let fear dictate their lives. However, they expressed profound sadness for the victims and their families, acknowledging the devastating impact of the rampage.

The community remains in shock following the tragic events, with authorities continuing their investigation into the incident. The survivors, while grateful to have escaped with their lives, are haunted by the traumatic ordeal and the lives lost during the attack.


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