How to train a stubborn Anatolian Shepherd?

by Lisa

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are a robust and courageous breed with a long history in Turkey, primarily used to protect flocks from predators. However, this breed also presents its unique challenges, especially for first-time dog owners. Here are some suggestions on how to train a stubborn Anatolian Shepherd Dog:

Firstly, Understand Your Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are independent and confident; they have their own thoughts and won’t easily yield to human will. This doesn’t mean they cannot be trained but rather require finding the right approach.


Secondly, Establish Leadership

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs need a leader, and you need to let them know you are that leader. This can be achieved through regular training and consistent guidance. Remember, you cannot let the dog feel it’s the leader of the household.


Thirdly, Patience and Consistency

Training Anatolian Shepherd Dogs requires a lot of patience and consistency. This breed may resist or ignore your commands, and you need to persist until they understand and comply with your instructions.


Fourthly, Positive Reinforcement

Using positive reinforcement training methods is crucial. When the dog exhibits good behavior, reward them with toys, treats, or praise. This helps strengthen the dog’s behavior motivation.


Fifthly, Avoid Punishment

Although you might feel tempted to punish the dog at times, it often leads to resistance or fear. Instead, encourage good behavior through positive reinforcement.

Sixthly, Socialization

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are independent but still need interaction with other dogs and humans. Regular social activities can help the dog better adapt to new environments and people.

Lastly, Seek Professional Help

If you find yourself unable to train your Anatolian Shepherd Dog effectively, seeking professional help is a good idea. Professional dog trainers can provide effective strategies and methods to help you and your dog establish a positive relationship.

In conclusion, training an Anatolian Shepherd Dog requires patience, consistency, and positive strategies. With dedication, you can successfully train your Anatolian Shepherd Dog to become a part of your family.


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