Florida Man’s Dog Uncovers Unexploded Ordnance in Backyard

by Lisa

In a startling turn of events, a Florida resident received an unexpected shock when his family dog unearthed an unexploded ordnance in their backyard last week.

According to local authorities, Mathew Sims was playing with his dog, named Baby, in their Jacksonville home’s backyard on 15th Street, when Baby’s curiosity led her to start digging near the fence line. Sims, alerted by the dog’s actions, approached to ensure she wasn’t getting into anything hazardous, only to discover something protruding from the ground.


“It wasn’t clear what it was until I started pulling it up,” Sims recounted to FOX 30. “Once I got it halfway out, I realized, ‘I know what this is, let me gently put this back down.'”


What Baby had uncovered turned out to be a small piece of military ordnance, measuring about a foot in length and weighing approximately 10 pounds, Sims explained. The item appeared to have been buried for a considerable period, judging by the rusting metal and its deteriorating condition.


Upon making the unsettling discovery buried about six inches deep in the soil, Sims admitted to experiencing a moment of panic. “OK, is this live?” he recalled thinking before promptly dropping the object.


As a precautionary measure, authorities evacuated the residents while a bomb squad was summoned to safely remove the antique explosive device.

Despite the tense situation, neighbor Carla Smith expressed calmness, stating, “We just watched.” She added, “I wasn’t scared because I’ve been around people who have found artifacts in the land.”

Reflecting on the incident, Smith found the situation intriguing and commended the swift action of the bomb squad. “To me, it was interesting to watch. They did their thing, and they were out of here in minutes,” she remarked.

The origins of the ordnance remain a mystery, leaving Sims grateful that it was discovered and safely disposed of without incident.


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