A Dog Named Kato Rescued After Falling Through Ice in Prince George, B.C.

by Lisa

In Prince George, British Columbia, a dog named Kato has been given a second chance at life thanks to the swift actions of his owner when he fell through a sheet of ice.

Brian Skakun, accompanied by his husky-malamute cross, Kato, often ventures on wilderness hikes. However, their recent outing took a harrowing turn on a sunny Saturday while walking along the trails by the Fraser River with Skakun’s son.


Despite Kato’s aversion to water, he ventured onto a piece of ice along the riverbank and fell through, leaving him stranded in near-freezing water with only his head above the surface, desperately clinging to the ice with his front paws.


Recalling the heart-stopping moment, Skakun described how Kato was soaked and crying out for help. Determined not to lose his beloved pet, Skakun, a city councillor in Prince George, sprang into action, knowing he had to do everything possible to rescue Kato.


Thinking quickly, Skakun utilized two logs to distribute his weight evenly across the ice, allowing him to shuffle across on his knees and pull Kato to safety. Despite the urgency of the situation, the rescue took approximately 15 minutes, with Skakun expressing his sheer terror at the sight of Kato struggling to hold on.


While Skakun’s actions ultimately saved Kato’s life, he emphasized caution to others, advising against attempting similar rescues unless they are proficient in supporting themselves on ice.

Furthermore, Skakun pledged to avoid returning to the area with Kato and warned others against bringing their pets near water or onto lakes until the ice has fully melted.

After the ordeal, Skakun noted Kato’s overwhelming affection and refusal to leave his side, suggesting that the dog seemed to understand the gravity of the situation.

Expressing gratitude for Kato’s safety, Skakun highlighted the bond between pet and owner, stating, “He’s my buddy, and we’d do anything for our pets.”


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