Oscar’s Canine Clapping Mystery Unveiled: Behind-the-Scenes Delight Emerges

by Lisa

The mystery behind the canine clapping sensation at the Oscars ceremony on Sunday has been unveiled, revealing a delightful behind-the-scenes twist.

As Robert Downey Jr. claimed the best supporting actor award for his role in “Oppenheimer,” viewers were momentarily captivated by Messi the border collie seen clapping enthusiastically in the audience. Messi, renowned for portraying Snoop in “Anatomy of a Fall,” which secured the accolade for best original screenplay at the 2024 Oscars, stole the spotlight from Downey Jr.


However, host Jimmy Kimmel revealed the unexpected truth behind Messi’s absence during the live show on his Monday night program. Kimmel disclosed that although the initial plan was for Messi to grace the audience with his presence throughout the ceremony, a rehearsal mishap derailed the plan. The exuberant pup’s incessant barking disrupted the proceedings, compelling organizers to opt for pre-recorded reaction shots instead.


Kimmel humorously recounted the rehearsal chaos, likening Messi’s enthusiastic barking to a scene straight out of a comedy sketch. To compensate for Messi’s absence during the live broadcast, a cleverly orchestrated pre-taped segment featuring the talented pooch was seamlessly integrated into the show, particularly following Downey Jr.’s triumph.


The endearing moment swiftly became a viral sensation, with some expressing concerns that Messi’s charm might skew the awards. However, a behind-the-scenes clip circulated online, revealing Messi and a select few audience members filming the pre-planned segment ahead of the event.


While some speculated about the involvement of a Messi look-alike, Laura Martin Contini, the dog‘s trainer, dispelled any doubts on Instagram, confirming their presence at the ceremony.

Acknowledging the physical limitations of a dog clapping, a prop master ingeniously laid on the floor with faux dog legs to execute the comedic gag.

Although Messi didn’t grace the live ceremony, the cleverly executed pre-filmed clip seamlessly integrated the beloved pup into the proceedings, eliciting widespread adoration across social media platforms.


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