Hawaii Senate Bill Proposes Overturning Ban on Dogs in Most Public Parks

by Lisa

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A state Senate bill, SB 2565, is gaining attention from dog owners as it aims to overturn the ban on dogs at the majority of public parks across Hawaii. Following successful passage through two Senate hearings, the bill is now advancing to the state House for further consideration, with the Hawaiian Humane Society among the advocates supporting the proposed legislation.

Stephanie Kendrick, representing the Hawaiian Humane Society, expressed the belief that many city and county parks currently prohibiting leashed dogs are doing a disservice to responsible pet owners. She stated, “A leashed dog that is well-behaved with an owner that is taking care of it should really be welcomed in our public spaces, and that’s what this bill would accomplish.”


Introduced by State Sen. Chris Lee, the bill seeks to address the concerns of pet owners who currently face restrictions on walking their leashed dogs in public parks. Sen. Lee emphasized the need to recognize the reality that many individuals already bring their pets to beaches, whether it is permitted or not. He remarked, “It’s really just criminalizing lots of folks that are just trying to get outside to take a walk.”


In addition to lifting the ban, the bill incorporates measures to hold pet owners accountable for their animals’ actions in public spaces. Clear penalties and accountabilities are outlined for those who fail to clean up after their pets or allow them to roam without leashes.


While acknowledging that not everyone may support the measure due to concerns about irresponsible dog owners, pet advocates stress the importance of responsible pet ownership. Kendrick highlighted the need to follow rules and respect the privilege of access to public spaces for pet owners.


Jeannie Rice, a Kakaako resident, dog lover, and Ala Moana Neighborhood Board member, voiced her support for the bill, emphasizing the importance of responsible pet ownership. She stated, “We all love to take our dogs to the beach and to the parks, and as long as we are responsible and pick up after our dogs and as long as they are on leashes.”

Despite its initial success, SB 2565 still requires House approval to become law. Supporters of the bill encourage fellow pet owners to actively engage in the discussion and advocate for the proposed changes.

“For people who care about this issue, I would encourage you to make your voice heard; it makes a real difference,” urged Kendrick.


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