Jon Stewart’s Emotional Farewell to Beloved Dog Sparks Surge in Donations, Raising $60,000 for NYC Animal Shelter

by Lisa

Jon Stewart’s emotional farewell to his beloved dog, Dipper, on “The Daily Show” has sparked an overwhelming wave of generosity toward the New York City animal shelter that brought the pup into his life. The touching segment, which aired a week ago, continues to inspire donations, with the total now nearing $60,000.

Tiffany Lacey, the executive director of Animal Haven, the Manhattan-based no-kill shelter where Dipper found a home, expressed her surprise at the outpouring of support. “We’re just shy of $50,000,” Lacey told CBS News on Friday, only four days after the emotional broadcast. The donations have since exceeded expectations, reaching $60,000, and they show no signs of slowing down.


“This is in memory of Dipper, so the donations will be used for the dogs,” Lacey emphasized, specifying that the funds will contribute to essential needs such as veterinary care, training, food, and treats for the shelter’s canine residents.


Animal Haven, with an operating budget of approximately $3 million, accommodates around 100 dogs and cats at any given time. The unexpected influx of funds is a significant boon for the organization, allowing it to continue its mission of providing care and support to animals in need.


During the heartfelt segment, Stewart recounted how Dipper became a part of his family 12 years ago, after his children, aged six and seven at the time, decided to raise funds for the shelter by selling cupcakes. The puppy they brought out was a brindle pit bull who had lost a leg after being hit by a car in Brooklyn.


“It was love at first sight, I think for both of them,” recalled Lacey, describing the deep connection between Stewart and Dipper. The late-night host, visibly moved, shared memories of Dipper joining him at work every day and even playfully frightening Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, capturing the heartwarming and humorous bond they shared.

Stewart concluded the segment by expressing his heartfelt wish for viewers to find that special dog in their lives, the one that becomes the best companion. The Stewart family has a history of adopting pets from Animal Haven, and Lacey encourages others to consider adopting animals, particularly dogs, as many shelters face a surge in abandoned pets.

“It’s good news for the cats, as kitten and cat adoptions are way up,” Lacey noted, urging the public to continue supporting shelters through donations, adoptions, and volunteer efforts, emphasizing the importance of adopting rather than shopping for pets.


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