New Jersey Kennel Owner Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges After Dog Found in Dumpster

by Lisa

MAHWAH, NJ – A New Jersey kennel owner is facing charges of animal cruelty following a shocking discovery made by a customer at Aranwood Kennels in Mahwah. The incident occurred in the week of Feb. 18, when a dog was found clinging to life inside a garbage bag discarded in a dumpster, according to court records.

Despite presenting itself online as a “trustworthy indoor/outdoor boarding for dogs,” Aranwood Kennels owner, 57-year-old Richard Dubarton, has been arrested and charged in connection with the disturbing incident.


Court records reveal that a customer reported finding a Dutch Shepherd dog in near-death conditions within a garbage bag inside a dumpster in the kennel’s parking lot. Miraculously, the dog survived, and the caller promptly alerted authorities.


Dubarton claimed that “someone must’ve dumped it there” and stated that he had received the dog months earlier from Irvington police after its original owner surrendered it. Irvington officials and the kennel remained silent when contacted by NBC New York.


Investigations revealed that Dubarton, who has previously worked as an animal control officer in various New Jersey communities, had locked “multiple dogs” outside in sub-freezing temperatures for an extended period. The troubling discoveries prompted an immediate investigation by Plainfield officials, who had entered into a contract with Aranwood Kennels after terminating their relationship with the Humane Society in 2023.


In response to the disturbing reports, Plainfield officials issued a statement, saying, “Allegations of mistreatment within Aranwood Kennels have come to light, prompting an immediate investigation by our police department.” The statement continued, “In response to these disturbing reports, we acted swiftly to ensure the safety and care of our community’s animals, none of whom remain under the care of the implicated facility.”

Police subsequently recovered 37 dogs from Dubarton’s property, and the rescued animals have been vetted and relocated to various rescue facilities. Some of the animals may unfortunately require euthanasia. The investigation is ongoing.

Attempts to reach Dubarton for comment were unsuccessful, and he is scheduled to appear in court during the first week of March. The charges against him include mistreatment of animals and the shocking discovery of a dog in a dumpster, raising concerns about the conditions and practices at Aranwood Kennels.


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