Owner Fined RM15,000 for Neglecting Dog’s Welfare after Neighbour’s Attack

by Lisa

KUALA LUMPUR: Yee Chan Fai, the owner of a dog involved in a neighbour’s assault, has been fined RM15,000 by the Ampang Sessions Court for neglecting the welfare of the injured animal.

The sentence was delivered by Sessions Court judge Wan Mohd Norisham Wan Yaakob after Yee, a 37-year-old mechanic, pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to take reasonable steps to ensure the well-being of the dog until it was harmed on May 24, 2022, at a residence in Taman Saga.


Yee was charged under Section 24(1)(a)(v) of the Animal Welfare Act 2015, which is punishable under Section 24(3) of the same Act. The legislation outlines a minimum RM15,000 fine and a maximum of RM75,000, up to two years in jail, or both upon conviction.


In addition to the fine, the court ordered Yee to serve three months in jail if he fails to pay the imposed penalty.


Judge Wan Mohd Norisham emphasized that as a responsible animal owner, Yee should have secured his dog within the home compound to prevent harm to others. He emphasized the importance of preventing negligence and abuse towards animals, stating that Yee’s actions resulted in the dog causing harm to a neighbor who incurred fines for defending against the animal.


Prosecuting officer Mohd Sharif Sabran from the Selangor Veterinary Services Department urged the court to impose a substantial sentence, citing public interest and the need to set an example for other dog owners. He highlighted the financial burden on the complainant, who faced fines and additional costs for medical treatment.

Yee’s lawyer, Wan Nur Afifah Che Bakar, sought leniency, highlighting her client’s clean record, remorse, and family responsibilities supporting his parents, sister, and two children aged six and eight. She affirmed Yee’s commitment not to repeat the mistake.

The case underscores the legal repercussions for neglecting animal welfare, emphasizing the responsibility of pet owners to ensure the safety and well-being of their animals.


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