Adoption Disappointment: Sora, the Long-term Shelter Resident, Faces Another Setback

by Lisa

After spending nearly three years under the care of Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, the Labrador retriever/pit bull mix named Sora finally found what seemed to be a loving home. However, the joyous occasion was short-lived as, just a day after leaving the shelter, Sora’s new owner decided to return her.

Sora’s journey at Valley Animal Center, the largest no-kill shelter in California’s Central Valley, began over 900 days ago when her previous owner surrendered her. Despite her amiable nature and various positive qualities, Sora struggled to attract potential adopters during her extended stay at the shelter.


Described by Sim Kaur, Valley Animal Center’s graphic web designer, as an excellent companion for walks and hikes, a lover of playing with tennis balls, and affectionate with humans (having tested well with children over the age of five), Sora’s return to the shelter surprised the staff who had grown fond of her.


The prospective pet parent who initially adopted Sora called the shelter just 24 hours later to express their decision to return the canine. Kaur criticized the swift return, emphasizing that Sora should have been given more time to acclimate to her new environment.


“Sora did not get enough time to decompress in her new home and was introduced to new family members too quickly,” Kaur explained to Newsweek.


Valley Animal Center shared the news of Sora’s return on social media, using a Facebook Reel to showcase dogs brought back to the shelter after initial adoptions. The post highlighted the dogs’ initial hopefulness upon entering new homes and the subsequent return to the kennels, expressing the ongoing hope that they will find their forever homes where they are cherished.

In January, the shelter had previously spotlighted Sora on Instagram, urging followers to “give Sora a chance.” Describing her as a perfect fit for an active household, the shelter emphasized Sora’s potential to be a wonderful companion for long walks or bike rides. The plea for love and patience echoed, with the hope that, with the right environment, Sora could overcome her reactive behavior and transform into the happy and goofy dog she was meant to be.


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