Christina Ricci Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Late Canine Companion Karen Carpenter: ‘She was a Lady and the Dearest Soul I’ve Ever Known

by Lisa

Actress Christina Ricci mourns the passing of her cherished canine companion, Karen Carpenter, at the age of 15. The 44-year-old Wednesday star shared the heartbreaking news on her Instagram Stories on Sunday, paying tribute to her beloved pup.

In a touching post, Ricci wrote, “My beautiful little best friend Karen Carpenter died on Friday.” It’s worth noting that Karen Carpenter is also the name of a famous singer from the 1970s known for hits like “Close To You” and “We’ve Only Just Begun.”


Describing Karen, the actress shared, “She was a lady and the best little soul I’ve ever known. My best friend for 15 years. So many of you knew her and loved her.”


Expressing her hope for Karen’s heavenly rest, Ricci added, “Apparently all dogs go to heaven. She hated other dogs, so I hope she’s in the humans-only area. She loved people,” accompanied by a heart emoji. “She was so kind.”


In an Instagram Story, Christina shared a heartwarming throwback photo of her son Freddie, now nine, as a baby lying on the floor with Karen Carpenter by his side. “She was Fred’s first best friend,” she wrote over the nostalgic image.


Christina Ricci, a mother to Freddie and two-year-old daughter Cleo, is also a dog mom to Logan, Patrick, and Magneto, affectionately known as Maggie.

Having grown up surrounded by both dogs and cats, the Addams Family actress shared her love for both species in a 2022 interview with People magazine. “Karen has been with me since I was about 29 years old. And I always say she’s my first baby,” Ricci mentioned during that time.

The actress, known for her role in Casper, highlighted her commitment to ensuring Karen’s comfort and happiness in her senior years. She emphasized her desire for the pup to live a content life without the typical ailments older dogs may face.

Beyond being Fred’s best friend, Karen played a protective role when Cleo was born. Ricci shared, “She always comes over and sits by the baby and lets the baby pet her. And Freddie used to get in Karen’s dog bed with her.”

In a recent photoshoot for Perfect Magazine at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Christina Ricci, accompanied by her husband and celebrity hair stylist Mark Hampton, expressed her shift away from a party lifestyle. She shared, “I really don’t enjoy going out at night or going to parties anymore,” emphasizing her preference for intimate gatherings at home to watch movies and TV.

Ricci highlighted the creative atmosphere at home, where her children are constantly engaged in artistic pursuits, including drawing, painting, and contemplating life’s concepts and their aspirations.


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