XL Bully Dog Causes Serious Injuries in Enfield Park

by Lisa

In a recent incident at Albany Park in Enfield Wash on Sunday (18th), a dog described as an “XL bully” inflicted severe injuries on its owner during a confrontation with another dog. The altercation prompted a swift response from police and paramedics, who arrived at the scene shortly after 3 pm following reports of a dog attack.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police later confirmed that a man in his 30s had “suffered serious bite injuries to his arm.” The dog responsible for the attack tragically “died at the scene.”


Eyewitness Serap Ince, a jogger, recounted the distressing scene she observed. She witnessed a large family walking their dog when she heard intense shouting. The owners of the smaller dog hastily fled, leaving chaos in their wake. According to Serap, the owners of the XL bully dog were in a state of panic, screaming as they placed the dog on the grass. She noted, “Its mouth was full of blood and breathing very heavily because the owner was keeping his head down and not allowing it to move – I think it is dead now.”


Details regarding the fate of the smaller dog remain unclear, but Serap overheard the owners of the XL bully inquiring about its condition.


By approximately 3:45 pm, a substantial police presence, some armed with guns, had converged on the scene. They removed the larger dog, placing it in a black bag and transporting it in a police van.


The Metropolitan Police spokesperson provided additional details: “The dog owner, a man in his 30s, suffered serious bite injuries to his arm. The man had managed to restrain the dog prior to police arrival. The dog warden also attended. The dog died at the scene. The body was loaded into a police van and taken to a vet. Police did not use any force on the dog at any point. There were no reports of any other injuries.”

After the police concluded their response, traces of blood remained visible on the grass where the incident unfolded.

In the wake of several incidents, including fatal attacks, the government recently implemented new regulations governing the ownership of XL bully dogs. It is now unlawful to possess one without an exemption certificate, and registered dogs must be leashed and muzzled in public.


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